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DUE at the end of break by THURSDAY 1/2/14:

Take notes as you watch Video #23, then take the Brainpop quiz on Metals & Alloys.

take the Brainpop quiz on Metals & Alloys

Complete Paint Lab if for some reason you have not already submitted it.

Complete 1 Rationale if you did not complete it on Friday before going on break.

Was Due 12/6, but complete it now if you haven't already!

Purple and prickly sea urchins evolve for an acidic ocean life

List of All BrainPop Quizzes

Need to Catch-up on any missing Brainpop videos? Want to re-take one to improve your score?

Here's a complete list of all the BrainPop Videos that we have watched so far this year:

02 BP on Precision vs. Accuracy

04 BP on States of Matter

05 BP on Compounds and Mixtures

06 BP on Property Changes

 07 BP on Measuring Matter (Density) 

*** BP on Global Warming 

09 BP on Atomic Model

10 BP on Isotopes

10 BP on Radioactivity

11 BP on Carbon Dating

12 BP on Nuclear Energy

15a BP on Periodic Table of Elements

15b BP Chemical Bonds

16 BP Ions 

19 BP pH Scale


Looking to learn more chemistry?

Amazing collection of chemistry videos organized by topic!

Go ahead, I know you're dying to learn some more chemistry :)



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