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8th Grade History Research Database: Women's Rights Movement

Welcome to Amber's History class!

Suggested Databases

You can access these databases by clicking the icons below or through the NYPL homepage, and following the directions in the lefthand column.

Be sure to keep your library card handy; you'll need to use the number under the barcode to access the databases.

In Gale Virtual Reference Library, look for:

  -The American Social Reform Movements Reference Library

  -The Women's Movement

  -The Sixties in America Reference Library

  -Gender Issues and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources


The Gale U.S. History in Context is harder to read--you should start with the Gale Virtual Reference Library. But if you need more information, look for: The Women's Rights Movement topic page, which collects lots of resources together. 

U.S. History in Context

The Gale Biography in Context source is very helpful if you have specific things you'd like to know about a particular person in history. 

Biographies in Context

Encyclopedia Americana

Periodical Databases/Archives

Academic Search Premier (Click on the image above) is a periodical (newspaper, magazine & journal) database.  You cannot access it from school, but you can access it from home or from the public library.

Make sure to sort your responses by date, or date range.  Some publications you may wish to search are:

Time Magazine (available from 1923-present)

New York Times (available from 1980-present)

Other Web Links

Key Search Terms

  • Women's Rights Movement
  • Women's Liberation
  • National Organization for Women (NOW)
  • Feminism
  • 19th Amendment
  • Women's Suffrage Movement