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7th Grade Homepage: 7th Grade Teacher Contact Information

Teacher Contact Information

Mark Federman


Carla Gonzalez

Assistant Principal

Chris Osorio


Leona Gross

ELA Teacher

Mackenzie Ring

ELA and History Learning Specialist

Nicole Dixon

ELA Teacher

Jenn Leyva

Science Teacher

Rachel Madden

Math Teacher

Sandy Portnoy

Science Support/Literacy Specialist

Peter da Cruz

History Teacher


Gabby Shakhnes

Speech Pathologist


Yasnery Woodard

Math Learning Specialist


Tips For Contacting Your Child's Advisor and Teachers



--> No matter why you are reaching out, contact your child's advisor first!!


Everyone on the seventh grade team is a passionate believer in the advisory system and its benefits for students, families, and our community.  Each advisor's role is to be the primary East Side adult responsible for a small group (12 to 14) 7th graders.  Advisors spend lots of time getting to know our advisees, and are expected to be familiar with their grades, work habits, behavior, friendships, extracurriculars, strengths, struggles, and needs.  By contrast, 7th grade subject teachers teach over one hundred students, and learning specialists, studio teachers, and administrators are responsible for even more.  For this reason, advisors are best equipped to respond quickly to your needs, while it is sometimes impossible for other adults at East Side to do so.  If you have questions or concerns about anything, your child's advisor will either be able to address them, or to facilitate a conversation with the person who can.   


Tips for Contacting Advisors:


--> Please feel free to call us, but almost all of us respond much more quickly by text or email.  (For example, we don't have our ringers on during the school day, but can sometimes text back when we have a free minute.)


--> Please allow your child's advisor 24 hours to respond to any non-urgent matter during the school week.  Please also understand that we may not be as quick to respond over the weekends or vacations.  


--> Please do keep us in the loop about anything that might affect your child in school or that we should be aware of -- death or illness in the family, financial hardship, out-of-school commitments, special achievements, etc.


Tips for Contacting Other Teachers


--> Please contact your child's advisor first!  Often what seems like a teacher-specific problem can actually be answered quickly by your child's advisor.  


--> Please use email if at all possible, and always cc your child's advisor. It is very important that your child's advisor be aware of any questions or issues with another academic class.  


--> Please allow several days for a response -- all subject teachers have their own advisees who must be their priority.  


--> For anything content-, assignment- or grade-related, please encourage your child to reach out to the teacher on their own!  One of our grade-wide goals is to foster academic independence for all 7th graders.  It is very empowering for students to be able to get questions answered, express concerns, and advocate for themselves.  


--> If you would like to arrange for an in person conversation with a teacher, please reach out to your child's advisor to facilitate this.  Please do not stop by a teacher's classroom unannounced, as it is not likely that they will be able to meet with you without prior notice.  


Tips for Staying Up to Date on Academic Progress:


--> All teachers are expected to update Pupilpath frequently.  Most of 7th grade teachers make all updates about once a week.  Checking Pupilpath regularly (we suggest once a week) will help keep you updated on your child's grades.  There is a Pupilpath app for smartphones available as well.  If you need assistance with your Pupilpath account, please let us know!


--> While your child's advisor may reach out to you about serious areas of concern (eg subjects that your child is failing), and in some cases about missing work, subject area teachers will not be able to do so.  If, for example, your child fails a quiz or does not turn in an exhibition, you will see that information as soon as it is posted on Pupilpath, and usually will not receive additional communication from that subject area teacher about the grade.  


--> Please ask your child to help you understand any assignments or grades that are not clear to you.  If you still have specific questions about a grade, please contact your child's advisor.  Please do not rely on the "contact teacher" option on Pupilpath as it is not always reliable -- East Side emails work better.


Additional Information:

  • For emergencies, you can also contact the main office directly at 212-460-8467, Letty at 347-325-1938, Carla at 347-268-3999, or Mark at 718-288-7438.
  • For disciplinary or safety issues, please contact our dean, Chris, at 917-583-0048
  • For general school questions, you can reach out to Letty, Carla, Chris or Mark at any time.