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7th Grade Homepage: If you're absent...

If you're absent...

As we begin the school year, we want to emphasize the importance of daily attendance for your child’s academic success. Missing even a single day can be make it very difficult for students to return to school and catch up on missed work.  For this reason, we highly encourage families to avoid absences whenever possible. That said we know that sometimes absence is unavoidable.  When your student misses class due to illness, travel, family circumstances, or extracurricular activities, please follow the below steps so that your student is able to come back strong and avoid any unnecessary piling up of missed class and homework.


Steps to follow if a student is absent:

If you know in advance...

  • All subject area teachers must be notified with as much notice as possible.

  • Student should get any work available in advance.

*Please note that work is not always available in advance and students may have to work with a teacher in order to complete these assignments*


If an absence is unanticipated...

  • First, families must contact their advisor as early in the day as possible.

  • Put technology to good use! Student should reach out to their peers after 3:30 about what happened in class and what they missed in the event that they are able to make up any of the day’s work.

  • Check any available class webpages for assigned work.

  • (We understand that if child is very ill or an emergency or tragedy is keeping students out that this part may not be possible.)


When student returns to school...

  • All doctor’s notes must be shown first to advisors and then taken down to Lily in the main office.

  • Student MUST attend breakfast study (starts at 8AM)  on the day of their return.

  • Throughout the rest of the day, students must ask for all work that they missed while absent.


To assist you in completing all of these steps, please refer to the Breakfast Club and Homework Help Schedule found on the homepage.