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East Side Library: Open eBooks


This page provides a SELECTION of recommendations to read on Open eBooks. New books are always being released on the app, so check them out for yourself! 

Through our school's partnership with FirstBook, students have access to 10 free ebooks at at time from Open eBooks' extensive catalog, available to download on the Open eBooks app! Downloads are checked out for 8 weeks, or you can return them early to swap for other books. Download the Open eBooks app and check your email for your access code, sent to you by Andrea! 

**Full instructions for using Open eBooks to download ebooks can be found here.**

**Hover over item title to read the book description!**

Realistic Fiction Titles

Mystery/Horror Titles

Historical Fiction Titles

Graphic Novel Titles

Non-Fiction Titles

Sports Titles


Fantasy/Science Fiction Titles

Romance Titles

Thank you!

Many thanks to Rachel Green at Westinghouse Campus Library for her help!