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Principal's Book Club: About & How to Join

What is the Principal's Book Club?

This club is for all East Side Community High School students, staff and families. East Side Community High School is nationally famous for its independent reading program and for having a school full of 6-12th graders who are passionate readers. Every 6-8 weeks Principal Mark Federman selects several books that are read by many members of the school community. The classroom libraries, school library and Mark's office library are flooded with copies of the books. Students can choose to read as many of the books as they would like. A lunch meeting is held for each book. Sometimes the author or a special guest joins us. Other times we leave the building to meet an author or to see a movie based on the book. There is also a book club for families.

How to Participate

There are several ways you can participate in the Principal's Book Club.  You can read one, some or all of the books.

  1. Simply pick up a copy of the book(s) you want to read from your English teacher, the library or Mark's lbrary and read the book
  2. After you read a book, sign up with your English teacher or online to attend the lunch discussion or trip (calendar on the Home page) and attend
  3. Once you attend the book club meeting or trip, Mark will notify your English teacher so you can receive extra or Honors* credit

*To earn Honors credit for participation you must submit letter or book review to Mark before attending