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10th gr. Global History/ Facing History and Ourselves: Nuremberg Trials

Research Question:

Were the first Nuremberg Trials a fair way to hold perpetrators accountable for the Holocaust?   


When the Nazis and their allies (known as the AXIS POWERS) lose W.W.II decisions about what should happen next falls once again to winners (known as the ALLIES).  The Allies (leading the way were  the U.S., the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France) must now decide what should happen to the Nazis. Should there be an actual trial or swift executions? The Nuremberg Trials will be the first trials held to hold Nazi leaders accountable.  But, was it fair? You will examine what judgment and justice looks like right after the war; and who should be held responsible for the discrimination, violent aggression and genocide that took place. How would the defense “I was just following orders” hold up in court?