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Biology 11: Honors Contract

Honors Assignments

Honors Contract

Congratulations! You have decided to contract to honors in Biology. This suggests that you are ready for a challenge. We invite you to enroll in Honors Biology. In order to do this you must commit to successfully completing the following:


1. Maintain an 85 or above average for both semesters.

2. Complete the “Honors Extension” on each Biology exhibition.

3. During the completion of the PBAT you must: choose an experimental topic and design that is considered to be higher level, do additional background research, proof read and edit other PBATs and do additional statistical analysis of your results.

4. Participate in the Envirothon (Environmental Science Competition)

5. Complete the bi-weekly article reading and reflection


ESCHS Envirothon Team


  • The Envirothon is a national competition for high school students (Grades 9 Through 12), with winning teams, each representing a single high school, progressing from the county or regional level to state and national levels. Envirothons are organized by local Soil and Water Conservation Districts in partnership with school teachers. Teams include three to five students.
  • Our 2 teams will meet every Monday and Thursday in room 317 3:30 – 4:30 to practice, study, and get new materials.
  • Each student must attend 14 of the 16 after school sessions.
  • Come prepared with your section of the material studied.
  • Materials needed: index cards, highlighter, folder


At the competition, each category is covered at a separate "Station", managed by its own expert "Stationmaster." For each category, the test includes 25 multiple-choice questions worth 4 points each (plus a tie-breaker question). At least half of the questions are "hands on" questions involving the use of equipment or maps, or audio/visual identification.

A sixth category, devoted to problem solving presentations, is a prominent feature of the National Envirothon and some state and regional Envirothons. Teams must attempt to resolve an environmental dispute assigned in advance and team members, each representing a different constituency, must defend their support or dissent in oral presentations to a panel of judges.