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Biology 11: Course Outline

Biology Syllabus

COURSE OUTLINE 2013 - 2014


Name of CourseBiology     Grade: 11

Teacher: Erica Ring ◦ 347-684-4860 ◦


Instruction Time:  This is a semester- long course that meets five days a week: two 54-minute periods, two 47-minute periods and a 45-minute period.


●      Unit 1: Ecology

○       Objectives: Students will understand that energy moves through ecosystems as one organism consumes another. Only some energy is passed to the next trophic level. Humans impact genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity negatively and positively.

○       Description of Major Assessments: Conservation plan – students will research and design a comprehensive conservation plan for one of the World Wildlife Fund’s “Spotlight Species”. Students will also petition their peers and community members to support the plan they have developed to prevent the extinction of their chosen species.

●      Unit 2: Cell Biology

○       Objectives: Students will understand that everything is made up of smaller and smaller units (organism, organs, tissues, cells, organelles, molecules). All cells come from other living cells and there is diversity in the form and function of cells. The cell goes through a cycle in which all internal materials are duplicated before cell division occurs.

○       Description of Major Assessments: Preparation and observation of live cells – students will prepare plant and animal cells to observe external and internal structures of both types of cells under a compound microscope. Cell Analogy – students will create a visual representation of the important organelles inside a common cell and compare these parts to a system often seen in everyday life.

●      Unit 3: Genetics

○       Objectives: Students will understand that the proteins that comprise DNA determines the characteristics seen in a species, population, and individual. Technology allows for the use of genetics to solve problems.

○       Description of Major Assessments: TedTalk – Design a TedTalk video seminar on one genetic topic discovered in class. This should include the extended resources such as trusted source links, quiz design, etc. pGLO Bacterial Transformation – Successfully transfer a plasmid into an existing sample of bacteria.


Grading Policy:

  • Warm up & Punctuality (10%)
  • Homework (10%)
  • Quizzes and Journals (20%)
  • Labs (30%)
  • Exhibitions (30%)


Supplies Needed:

o   Sharpened pencils

o   Paper towel

o   Index Cards

o   USB Drive

o   Ruler

o   Calculator



Class Values

Care for Yourself (and your work)

Care for Each Other

Care for this Planet


Class Procedures
It will be extremely important that each student follows each of these procedures on a daily basis to ensure a smooth and productive class. Students that follow the procedures will learn more, achieve higher grades, and enjoy class more!

-NO CELL PHONES OR ELECTRONICS!! Have them OFF (not silent) and away before you enter.
-Say “Please” and “Thank You”. It makes a difference!

Beginning Class

  1. Enter class silently and take your assigned seat.
  2. Take out your completed HW and place it in a neat pile.
  3. Record today’s HW on your HW calendar.
  4. Complete the warm up.

During Class

  1. During independent work do not disrupt other students. No side conversations.
  2. During group work do your part/role to contribute to the task without distracting others.
  3. During class discussion and lectures pay attention and participate! Do not interrupt Erica or a classmate while they are speaking by yelling out or having a side conversation.
  4. When Erica has dismissed the class push in your chair before you leave.

Bathroom or Water

  1. Never during class discussion or lecture.
  2. Request only during independent or group work.
  3. Raise your hand for permission.
  4. Take the pass and return quickly.




11th Grade Biology Contract

I, __________________________ have read and understand the entire 11th grade syllabus – including class procedures. I will do my best to adhere to the values and procedures in this class to ensure that I have a successful year in Biology.

_______________________________                                  _______________________________

(signature of student)                                                 (signature of parent)