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Biology 11: Home

Ecology 1 - Characteristics of Living Things

Watch this video to complete Ecology Part 1

Compost - Digitize your data

Introduction Templates

Download this document, upload as a google doc, share with

Executive Summary Template

Biology 11 1st semester survey

Mitosis video

Fill in the descriptions and diagrams on Cell Biology Part 11

Photosynthesis Annotation HW

Cellular Respiration Annotation HW

Cell Part 1 - Cell Theory

If you cannot view this video go to their direct link:

Ecology 7 - Classification & Dichotomous Keys

Brain Pop - Global Warming DUE THURSDAY

Watch the Brian Pop "global warming" and take the quiz.

At the end email your results to

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username - eastside1
password - eastside1

Conservation Plan Sentence Starters

Conservation Plan Sentence Starters
Species Information
The (species name) can be described as…
Their habitat includes…
In order to reproduce…
This species feeds on…
To take care of their young they…
The (species name) travels…
In their ecosystem, the (species name) helps/consumes/hunts…
The first major threat to this species is…
Another factor that endangers this species is…
Conservation Plan
In order to increase the population…
The first/second/third conservation strategy that could be used is…
In order to save this species, the (threat) must stop…
Fortunately, the (organization) has already helped this species by…
Within the next year… 5 years…20 years… this population should…
The individuals who would disagree with/ suffer because of this plan are…
The costs of this plan would affect…
Despite these arguments, this conservation plan should still go forward because…
This conservation plan has helped to save (species name) …

Ecology - Conservation of Biodiversity

Watch this YouTube powerpoint presentation and fill in your notes for homework

Ecology 7 - Biodiversity: Google Earth Tours

Choose ONE (or more!) of these "Migration Google Earth Tours" to watch. Take notes in the warm up section of your notebook for Tuesday's class. 

Video 1: Monarch Butterfly Migration

Video 2: Arctic Tern (Bird) Migration

Video 3: Invasive Species

Video 4: Sea Cucumbers

Video 5: Blue Fin Tuna

Ecology 4

Watch video from 2:22-5:39 to answer the questions on Ecology part 4. The bonus starts at 8:55!

Ecology 2&3 - Energy Pyramid

Watch this video to complete Ecology Part 3 #1

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