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6th Grade Math: Class Details

Robert & Yasnery Contact Information

Robert Eugene




Yasnery Woodard



Please no calls after 8pm. 


Units of Study


Unit 1:  Prime Time    

·      Factors and multiples

·      Prime factorization

·      Order of operations and equivalent expressions

·      Distributive property and the generic rectangle


Unit 2:  Comparing Bits and Pieces     

·      Ratios

·      Representations of rational numbers

·      Fraction and decimal equivalence

·      Percentages (decomposition and partitioning)

·      Absolute value and opposites


Unit 3:  Let’s Be Rational          

·      Estimating results

·      Fraction division

·      Writing expressions

·      Solving equations


Unit 4:  Covering and Surrounding  

·      Shape decomposition, area and perimeter of irregular polygons

·      Connections between area and perimeter formulas of polygons

·      Volume of a rectangular prism

·      Surface area of three – dimensional solids


Unit 5:  Variables and Patterns     

·      Tables, graphs, and equations

·      Solutions for equations and inequalities

·      Graphing on the coordinate plane

·      Equivalent expressions and terms


Unit 6:  Preparing for Seventh (Decimal Ops)            

·      Estimation for reasoning quantitatively

·      Decimal division

·      Fluency with all decimal operations

·      Variables and equations

·      Applications for percentages