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East Side Library: Advisory Activities

Naviance link & instructions

Please log in to the website above.  You should have registered last year, and your username is your email, and your password is your ID number.  You may need to do "forgot password," of course.

Once you have logged in, you should add your college visit from this fall to your journal in the ABOUT ME, and you should add any activities you have done this school year to your resume in the ABOUT ME section. 

You can also explore CAREERS or COLLEGES section if you have time.

Writing an email to a college representative

Feel free to add some personality to this letter, but here is the basic outline:

Dear ___________,


I met you at the recent CBI Collaborative College Fair at Manhattan College.  Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.  I was really interested in __________ and I look forward to learning more.  Please let me know if there are special pre-college opportunities on your campus!





Mindset Lesson Day 1: October 6th

At the end of the lesson, please write a paragraph response to these two questions:

  • Do you think the description for your Mindset Assessment Profile matches the way you think and feel about school?
  • How might having a “Growth Mindset” support you in taking ownership of your  learning as a student?