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6th Grade Homepage: Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned almost everyday in all classes. Independent Reading will be assigned daily in ELA.

Homework assignments for all classes will be posted on the calendar on the 6th grade website everyday by 4pm, and will also be recorded by students in their orange Homework Log during each subject class.

When absent, homework due on the day of the absence must be turned in immediately upon the student's return. In addition, students will have one day to make up any homework assigned on the day of the absence.

If a homework assignment is unclear, students are expected to first contact a classmate for clarification, or re-read the assignment on the 6th grade website. If the assignment is still unclear, students may then reach out to their subject teacher via e-mail.

See individual Course Outlines for details about the type of homework assigned in each class, and policies regarding missing and late homework.