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6th Grade Homepage: Parent-Teacher Communication Policy

Parent-Teacher Communication Policy

We look forward to maintaining open lines of communication with students and families! Our priority as content-area teachers is to use the evenings to prepare strong lessons for the next day of instruction. Therefore, we ask that you keep the following in mind:


  • Emails are preferred for non-urgent matters.

  • For emergencies, contact the main office directly at 212-460-8467, Letty at 347-325-1938, Carla at 347-268-3999, or Mark at 718-288-7438.

  • Please refrain from calling or texting advisors/teachers after 7pm unless there is an absolute emergency that requires immediate assistance or otherwise stated.  

  • For general school questions, you can reach out to Letty, Carla, Chris or Mark at any time.

  • Teachers may take up to 48 hours to respond to weekday calls and e-mails (response time might be greater on weekends).

  • In-person meetings should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

  • We will reach out at least one week before parent-teacher nights to schedule an appointment for progress report conferences.

  • For disciplinary issues, please contact our dean, Chris, at 917-583-0048.