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7th Grade Announcements


Breakfast Study Schedule:

8:00am - 8:37am 

Monday - Milly (518)

Tuesday - Danielle (516),  Peter (517)

Wednesday - Peter (517)

Thursday - Nicole (417)

Friday - Leona (418)


Homework Help Schedule:

3:30pm - 4:30pm 

Monday - Nicole (417), Leona (418)

Tuesday Beacon Quiet Study (201)

Wednesday - Danielle (516), Antoinette (517)

Thursday Beacon Quiet Study (201)

Friday - Antoinette *lunch time* (516)

Useful Links

What's the homework?

For History HW, check the "History" tab on this page to see the History HW calendar.

For Science HW, check the 7th Grade Science class website.

For ELA HW, check Google classroom.

For Math HW, check your pink stampsheet.